Alicia loves…youtube

Hello everyone, i have been debating with this idea for a while, which is i would really like to start my own youtube channel, but i wouldnt know how to start.

I have watched youtube for years ethier it being make up videos, or hauls or general chatty videos and i thought oh i could do that, but at the same time it looks so hard like putting your self out there on the internet were anyone could watch and to be honest you cant be sure anyone would like your videos or even watch them. Most well known youtubers make it look so easy even though there will be a lots of things behind it such as editing,lighting, camera, sharing it so people could watch. 

I dont think im ready at the moment i think im to scared of being judged of people i know, and if people wouldnt like my videos or  get my sense of humor. Most youtubers i have seen have perfect back grounds and great lighting and always look great in their videos were as i would just want to film me and things i like and that i dont like and not have to worry if i swear to much like most youtubers as there audience is mostly younger viewers. I wouldnt want to feel pressured in what i would upload and to worry about whos watching or im saying the wrong thing. I also want to wait to see if i would stick to my blog i want to make it better which i will when my laptop screen gets fixed. Funny story i was watching orange is the new black lying in bed just chilling and my boyfriend decided to jump on me so i pushed him off and he bloody lay on my screen and the inside cracked i was quite gutted ( sigh).

If anyone could comment on any youtube advice or if there is any channels you would think  i would like to watch then let me know. I dont know if this post makes any sense but anyway also comment on any tips for making my blog better that would be great. 

Dont forget to follow or like this post, you dont have to but that would be nice 😉 


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