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My top ten pet peeves!

Have you ever got the erge to hit someone in the face with a chair because what they are doing is so annoying and you feel like ripping them from the face of the earth? I i have decided to make a list of things that really get under my skins so here it goes.

  1. Sloppy eaters. Them people who chew really loud when they are eating and dont close their mouth i mean come on when your trying to enjoy a slice of pizza and you can basicly see it being chewed up in someone elses mouth its very off putting.
  2. When someone trys to talk to you when you have headphones in. helloo im ignoring you for a reason, or im really enjoying this song.
  3. Slow walkers. When your in town and your bus is dew in less than 15 mins and theres always that one annoying group of people walking really slow in front of you.
  4. When people sing the wrong words to a song. I dont know why this annoys me so much, if someone clearly doesnt know the words to a song why try and sing it?
  5. Rude bus drivers. I got on a bus recently and the bus driver actually told me to hurry up when i was giving him my money i mean what the hell.
  6. The people who ask questions every five minutes during a film. Who is she? Do you think he will die? Whats this film about again? I havent seen this film ethier so shut up and let me watch it.
  7. Girls who look you up and down  in the street. I hate when girls think they are gods gift and they look you up and down and give you haccie looks, like sorry beyonce am i blocking your light?
  8. When your eyeliner goes wrong. When one side of your eyeliners on fleek and the other side looks like a four year old has attempted to draw it on.
  9. Bitchy people. If you dont have anything nice to say then dont speak at all.
  10. The food stealers. when you make food and you ask anyone if they want any and they reply no then as soon as you bring some in now they want some of yours.

    So there you go my top ten pet peeves, comment below what gets under you skin, dont forget to follow and like 🙂 x


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