13 things i would tell my 13 year old self

Since im 18 in less then two months and i feel i have really grow as a person i thought i would make a post on things i would maybe do differently or tell my younger self.

  1. Not everyone is going to be your friend. When i was younger i always had a lot of trust in people and i thought everyone was lovely and we would be friends for ever and i would get really upset if i ever fell out with a friend and now nearly five years on i think i talk to literally two people i knew when im was 13.
  2. Join more clubs. When i was younger i really wanted to join  a dance class and none of my friends wanted to do it so i never joined  and i would worry what my friends would think if i joined which is stupid thinking about it now because if you really want to do something then you should do it regardless of what people would think.
  3. Dont worry about boys. I had a crush on one boy when i was at school and i wasted a good year worrying about what i looked like infront of him and if he thought i was cute when really he proberly didnt even notice me. You have plenty of years a head of you to have boyfriends just enjoy being 13.
  4. Dont wish your life away. I was always like i cant wait to be 13 i cant wait to be 16 im going to move out and get a job when really its not that easy and now getting closer to 18 i wish i was still 12 13 again when there was nothing to worry about.
  5. Its okay to be different.So what if someone doesnt like your hair or your new shoes you are your own person and you make your own choices.
  6. Dont take everything to heart. If you fall out with your friend or you find out the person you have a crush on likes someone else its not the end of the world and there will be people out there that are dying to be your friend.
  7. Accept your self. If you dont accept your self how are people going to accept you. Who cares if your hair isnt the longest or your not the best swimmer there is always going to be someone that  you think is better than you and they proberly feel the same not everyone is amazing at everything.
  8. Dont do things you know is wrong just because it makes you look cool or feel accepted. If its skipping school or taking part in bullying that kid who no one likes if you know deep down in your heart of hearts that doing that stuff will land you in trouble and your only doing it to impress people dont do it!!
  9. Dont worry about makeup i see 13 year olds full on contour and highlighting for school with their false eyelashes and their over drawen kylie jenner lips it just looks stupid i mean who are you trying to impress bill the pe teacher? Joe in maths? Fair enough everyone has their flaws but dont go full on beyonce for school its a waste of time and the teacher will more than likely give you a makeup wipe and make you take it all off again.
  10. Be your self. The only person you can be is your self and if you try and change who you are to fit in then your really only letting down your self.
  11. Put your self out there if its joining a school team or making new friends dont be scared to do different things.
  12. Dont judge a book by its cover ethier if its a new lesson in school or a new girl in class if you dont give something a chance how will you know that you wont like it? That lesson could be your new favourite lesson ir that new girl could be really lovely, give people a chance.
  13. Finally stick in a school i know what your thinking why would i need to learn the 12 times table or why do i have to go pe? Its all about following rules and you have to follow rules your whole life if it ethier in a job or school or college you will have to follow some certain rules yes i know it can be boring but in the long run your mistakes can make you or break you.

Here you have it 13 things i would tell my 13 year old self i hope this will help someone ethier starting high school or even middle school. Enjoy x


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